Select Page Mother Essay A Mother is a woman who gives birth to a child or children and looks after their welfare, throughout life. She has a lifelong commitment of love, devotion and caring towards her children, that too without any prerequisites or conditions.

She always guides us to go write essay on my mother at right path and do right things in the life. She is our first teacher who teaches us at every step of life. She teaches us to always be in discipline, write essay on my mother, behave in well manners and make us understand about our roles and responsibilities towards family, write essay on my mother, society and country.

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She teaches us behavioural lessons and true philosophies of life. She loves and takes care of us from the existence of our life in this world from her womb and throughout our life. She gives birth to us after bearing lots of pain and struggle but in turn she always gives us love.

She could undergo any amount of penance in order to protect her child or children. Mother also acts as a mentor or guide, introducing the world to her off springs, at the same time ensuring their well being. The love of a mother knows no bounds and surprisingly animals too display a strong sense of motherhood. Sometimes a woman, who is not biologically related to the children, but nevertheless feeds and nurtures them, is also referred to as the mother.

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Every person who has a mother in their life is really lucky and blessed with lots of blessings from God. A mother is very ordinary woman who never considers her own happiness in front of her kids.

She is always very anxious about our health, education, future and safety from strangers. She always leads us towards right direction in the life and most importantly she scatters true happiness in our life. She makes us strong human being mentally, physically, write essay on my mother, socially and intellectually from a small and incapable child.

She never wants back anything from her kids instead she loves us with open heart. We as a child also love and care her from our heart but our love cannot be compared with her. She is the one who spends her sleepless nights during our sickness and other bad days. She happily involves in our happy moments and understands our each and every likes and dislikes.

Nothing is precious than a mother which one can be blessed by the God thus we should always thankful to the God. She is the embodiment of true love, care and sacrifices. She is the one who turns a house into a sweet home by giving write essay on my mother to us. Mother: The First Teacher and Guide of a Child She is the one who starts our schooling at home and becomes our first and lovely teacher of our life.

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No one can care and love us like our mothers and no one can do sacrifice like her. She is the best woman of our life whose place can never be replaced by anyone in the future. Even after being tired she is always ready for us to do anything like a tireless person. She gets up early morning, write essay on my mother, prepares breakfast and gives us lunch and water bottle without being late a single day.

She always cares and loves us more than anyone in her life. She always gives us first priority in her life and gives us the glimpse of hope in our bad times. The day we are born, it is our mother who becomes happy more than anyone else.

Even then she never understands us wrong and forgives us like a small child. She understands each and every activity of ours and we can never fool her easily. Conclusion A mother never wants us to get hurt by anyone and teaches us to behave well with others. No one pay even a single role in our life as a mother. We too must always take care of our mother all through the life. She is just like Mother Nature who only knows to give without taking anything in return.


Conclusion She waits for us in the afternoon at the door after doing all the daily chores. She prepares a delicious dinner in the night and always takes care of our likes and dislikes. She helps us in doing our homework and project. She never gets tired giving lots of love and care like ocean can never be water less. She is unique and the only one in the whole universe whom nothing can replace. She is the true solution for our small and big problems.

This is the beauty of a mother — her love and sacrifice knows no bounds. Even animal females display an exceptional sense of caring and protection towards their young ones. Mother plays a significant role in the holistic development of a child. Her existence is very much essential for the physical and emotional development of a child. Apart from the growth and development of a child, she also plays a significant role in the society, by keeping its moral values intact.

They are the one who give us birth and bring us in this world. They are the one who nurture us and make us walk write essay on my mother our own feet. They not only protect us from evils but also show us the righteous path of life.


My Relationship With My Mother Essay Words | 4 Pages. My relationship with my mother, Jodi Lynn Borchert, started the day that I was born, February 25, , and it continues to this day even though she lives in Idaho and I live in Colorado. Essay My Life Of My Mom. My mom was only six years old when she first traveled from Mexico to The United States. Her Mom had came 2 years before to start a life for her at the time, 4 kids. My mom was the middle child and had to step up when my grandma was at work and her two older siblings were at school and work. Jan 03,  · How to Write a Descriptive Paper ‘Essay on My Mom’ When tasked write an essay about my mother prompt at school or my mother essay words prompt, the first thing your teacher or professor is asking you to do is to write a descriptive essay about your mother.

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She knows all our reasons of happiness and sadness and tries to make us happy every time. Bond write essay on my mother Love between Mother and Child There is a special bond which exists between mother and her child which can never be ended. A mother could never decrease her love and care towards her children and always gives equal amount of love and care to every kid of her but we all kids together can never give her a little love and care like her in her old age.

She is the one who gave us the life and made us stand on our own feet.


Long and Short Essay on Mother in English Mothers are the source of life and without them it is almost impossible to dream about life write essay on my mother planet earth.

My mother is the most important person in my life. I have been mentioning her in almost all of the essays I write. The problem is, I cannot really express how I feel about her in just words. My mother is not my whole life, but she is a really big part of it. My whole world does not only revolve around her, but she is the most influential person. My Mother Do you have someone who is great, spends time with you, cares for you, and is an important person? Well, I do, and she has black hair, brown eyes, and a caring touch. That’s my mom. My mom talks to me about many things. One of the things she talks to me about is what will happen when I grow up. She tells me what to do in case of an emergency. These essay on mother are written in very simple words especially for your kids and school going children. You can select any mother essay given below according to the need and requirement: Mother Essay 1 ( words) Mother is someone who cares for her off springs, feeding and nurturing them, at times protecting them from external threats.

She is one who never says anything bad to her child and always takes side of her child. Mother Essay 6 words Introduction Nothing in this world can compare with the true love and care of our mother.

There is no love in this world which is so lasting, strong, selfless, pure and devoted. She is the one who brings lights in our life by removing all the darkness. Conclusion Write essay on my mother tells us about mythological tales, stories about the God and Goddess and other historical stories of king and queen.

She is the one and only woman of our life who loves and cares us so much without any personal intention of her. A child is everything for a mother. She always encourages us to do any hard things in the life whenever we become helpless. She is a good listener and listens everything bad or good whatever we say. She never restricts and limits us to any limitation.

They act as a guide, a teacher and a best friend who always stand strong besides us under all the difficulties. Nothing is considered to be better write essay on my mother a mother, her love and care, write essay on my mother.

She always shows her interests in our every activity and laugh. She has a selfless soul and very kind heart full of lots of love and care. She is a woman with strong willpower who always teaches us of how to face the toughest challenges of the life. She always inspires us to achieve good things in our life by overcoming all the hardships of the life. She is the first teacher of everyone whom teachings are always proved to be precious and valuable all through the life. She is the one and the only person who always stands with us in all our good and bad times.

Mother Essay 2 words The role of the mother in our lives is always different and precious than other involved in our life. Of course we are truly loved and cared by our mothers every moment all through the day.


Mother Essay 3 words Our mother is the most important person in our life who always nurture us like a true nature. She be with us always and care for us every moment. She carry us in her womb for 9 months by bearing lots of pain and discomfort however she always become happy by thinking about us in her real life. She gives birth to us without complaining a little bit. We can never compare her genuine love and care all through our life but we should respect and love her always.

These essay on mother are written in very simple words especially for your kids and school going children. You can select any mother essay given below according to the need and requirement: Mother Essay 1 words Mother is someone who cares for her off springs, feeding and nurturing them, at times protecting them from external threats. Mother of a child is a perfect example of selfless devotion and love.

She always takes side of us and prays to God for our wellness and bright future all through the life even after we make her sad sometimes. It is also rightly said that God could not be everywhere so he created mother. Long Essay on Mother — Essay 7 Words Introduction It is a common saying that god could not be present everywhere so he made mother. The saying is also true as the status of mother is not less than that of god.

She makes us able to differentiate between good or bad. Selfless Love of Mother True love is another name of a mother which only a mother can have. From the time we come in her womb, take birth and throughout her life in this world, write essay on my mother, she gives us tireless care and love.

We see her from the first moment of our life when we open our eyes in this write essay on my mother however we feel her nine months before in her womb. The first word of us becomes mom whenever we start speaking.

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She is our first love, first teacher and first friend in this write essay on my mother. When we are born we are unable to do anything however it is she who makes us grow and develop in her arms. She helps us to understand this world. Importance of Mother in our Lives A mother is always available for her child and nurtures him like God. If there is any God on the earth, it is our mother.