If i remote wipe it will it also wipe my ability to locate it. Also is the mobileme information usable if we choose to send the police to this location? Link Michael September 5,pm I had my iPad stolen and never activated mobile me.



Ross McKillop March 7,pm Mr. Scott — Yes. Use iTunes on your laptop to sign into the iTunes Store. The iPad had automatically stored my info for making purchases at Amazon and iTunes apps. Do I need to cancel my credit cards or is it as simple as just changing my passwords? Are there any other security issues I need to be aware of? You wont be able to lock it or wipe it off until one whole stole it switches it on, track ipad by serial number.

Terry November 20,pm Chris, that is not accurate. Apple does associate the serial to your account. If you lose your iPad they tell you to log in to your Apple account and you can obtain the serial to create a police report. As for the privacy issue, I would say it is more of a problem if you sell your device, you could prevent the new person from being able to use it, track ipad by serial number.

I still have the box with the serial on it. Is there anyway to track it from iTunes or the serial? Link Steph October 4,pm I was wondering if there was a way to go on apple and download an app then track ur ipod even if when u lose it there isnt the app on it. Steph October 4,pm What is the serial number? Where is it located.

This option has to be activated prior to your device being lost or stolen. For this to work, your device needs to be on and have an internet connection. If you had any passwords stored on your device, it would be a good idea to change them. Unfortunately, once the device has be stolen, the chances of getting it back are next to zero. Hope this helps and my sympathies, edgar November 30,am so why do we pay more for iphones again?

Will I ever be able to track the iPad. I sent the email to the iPad and the play a loud sound. Is it possible they got in before I put the 4 digit code in and turned off the find my iPad feature? Even if they do work, it is easy for anyone to wipe it and start using it as if brand new. Happened to me. Thanks alot! Link Christopher Smith January 6,am my ipad 2 was stolen thanksgiving right out of my house it wasnt till 4 days later that i found the website to track your ipad but it hasnt found anything yet can i track where my ipad has been Arshiya Makin June 1,pm My ipad had lost can i know who can i find it?

Susan January 3, track ipad by serial number,am Having the same problem as Eban. MobileMe allows me to send messages to my iPad, but will not locate it. Any suggestions? Mike February 19,track ipad by serial number I remote wiped my iPad, can it still be located? Link Mr. I have my passcode on and also some money in my itunes account. Can I access my itunes account online using my laptop?

Can it be tracked if it was stolen, track ipad by serial number. Is there way to search for it? Thank in advance. Link Donna February 9,pm My iPad was stolen. I had the find my iPad app set up. It seems the thief turned the iPad off or the find my iPad feature off because all I get is the information for where it was last located and the time which was in my house where the stole it from.


There was a post on May 17 that was deleted. Is there a way to contact the person who posted? Link Rick May 22,pm I just had two iPads stolen from me. One was my personal iPad 2 and the other belonged to my work and was an original iPad. So apparently this is from Apple there is no way to track them if WiFi is turned off even though the iPads are on. Kind of a catch Seems like I shot myself in the foot on trying to locate them.

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But as was stated before it is a very expensive piece of equipment so there should be a way for Apple to do more in these cases. Link Kermit July 5,am Unless Apple improves on the find my ipad when they are stolen I will never purchase another one again, it is way too expensive to purchase another one. That is bull, I waited 5 hours opening day for it, I paid everything cash, and it gets stolen from me? Can I trace it if it is unlocked or jail broke. Thats if they have wiped the ipad and put there stuff on it that is!!!!

Unless anybody has another idea. Apple does not know of a way to locate them in the situation I have. Link John smith June 2,am My iPad was stolen yesterday and I have mobile me account can I track down my iPad even if they do a master reset and erase everything on it and apps…? Link Jill Pursell June 14,am Is there any way to subscribe to mobile me after your ipad was lost or stolen if you have the find me function turned on but never set up the account? Link mike June 20,pm My ipad was stolen yesterday.

How do I tell my parents? Link Lyn September 19,am how do you use this app on macbook? My home was burglarized. Everything had a passcode. So a whole lotta nothing! Link Tem December 11,pm I have my stolen macbook on find my iPhone. Track ipad by serial number Link Mrs.

Feb 02,  · My Ipad was stolen at the Convention Center while I was working from the desk that I use to sign my staff in. No one saw anything. The "find me" is offline and Apple is full of bull crap. So I still have my box with all of my serial number and info numbers on it. I got this ipad for Christmas and have been bummed out every since. Dec 05,  · Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. Find your device serial number. Report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier. Your carrier can disable the account, preventing phone calls, texts, and data use. Find My iPhone is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device. Mar 08,  · Track stolen ipad with serial number Jaytodaa. Well, password protect your device and install one of the many iPad locator apps, COLGeek. Report the loss/theft to the police and to Apple. daship. Next time load a tracking app and put a password lock .

If you mouse over your iPad listed in devices, you should see a device ID. Now, technically, Apple will not help you locate your track ipad by serial number, but if you provide your serial number, they should be able to notate your track ipad by serial number, and if the device shows up under another Apple ID, they should be able to tell you, track ipad by serial number.


The big thing is you need to at least set a passcode lock on your device. This makes it harder for someone to break into your private information.

Link Bea December 5,am Hi my husband had his IPad stolen out of his 18 wheeler: unfortunately he does not have his serial number or the Tracker on. Does anyone know how we can still track it? Please help me! Apple will let someone else register your iPad to their account, track ipad by serial number, no questions asked.

I hope I dont loose my iPad2. Link Terry November 18,pm To my knowledge, if someone steals an iPad, all they have to do is plug it into a computer with iTunes and then they can wipe it and track ipad by serial number it for themselves, right? Even though the serial is tied to an iTunes account, Apple will not block someone else from registering the same iPad to another account. It would be great if Apple would not permit this without you authorizing it track ipad by serial number an email confirmation on the original account.

If they track ipad by serial number how, then Apple should be able to nab them if they try and register it with a new apple id. Link greg October 10,pm This is a great tutorial but Apple is not allowing anyone else to enroll in MobileMe.

Jun 06,  · You can also find your device's serial number in iTunes: For an iPhone, click Phone Number to find the IMEI/MEID and ICCID. For an iPad (cellular model), click Serial Number to find the CDN, IMEI/MEID, and ICCID. If you'd like to paste this information into Apple registration or support forms, choose Edit > Copy Serial Number. Mar 08,  · Track stolen ipad with serial number Jaytodaa. Well, password protect your device and install one of the many iPad locator apps, COLGeek. Report the loss/theft to the police and to Apple. daship. Next time load a tracking app and put a password lock . Fortunately, when you first purchased and registered your iPad, you connected your contact information to the serial number of your device. It won’t help locate the iPad directly, but if the iPad is found by someone, police can trace the serial number to your contact information and then return the .

track ipad by serial number

Link Tom December 24,am I lost my iphone4 and went to me. Should I call ATT to suspend service? Link Eban December 26,am I can send messages to my iPad, etc but I cannot seem to locate it. Can only locate in the US?

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Ricardo May 20,track ipad by serial number, pm Unfortunately i also lost my iPad recently on an airplane.


The thing I have is the ip address. Desperate Mike…. To save the battery i turned off the location services which was dumb so when i went to locate my ipad on the internet it will always say pending to locate and wipe. I did activate the wipe my ipad if too many incorrect passcode attempts failed, so I really hope that whoever stole it tried xx number of times so the data was wiped, that is my main concern.