By the way, if you have an older iPhone device running an earlier release of iOS system software, the call forwarding feature continues to work exactly the same, however the interface to enable the call forwarding option will look a little different in the Settings app. The settings appearance for call forwarding thus looks different in those releases, but all functionality is the same on the iPhone itself. Do you use call forwarding on your iPhone?

Mar 10, - 20 Comments You can easily forward calls how to turn off email forwarding on iphone your iPhone to any other phone number. This article will walk you through exactly what to do to forward all phone calls from iPhone to another phone number. How to Turn On Call Forwarding on iPhone This will forward all inbound calls to the number you specify, it lasts until the call forward feature has been turned off.


The receiving phone can be any type of phone number, it could be another iPhone, an Android, a feature phone, how to turn off email forwarding on iphone, smartphone, a land line, a VOIP number for Skype or Google Voice, or nearly any other phone number you can think of. From an inbound callers perspective, nothing is different, but your iPhone will no longer ring and instead it will just send the calls off to the number you specified.

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how to turn off email forwarding on iphone

How to Temporarily Disable an Email Account on Your iPhone. There may be situations where you'd like to stop receiving email from one or more email accounts on your iPhone. For example, maybe you're on vacation and don't want to receive work-related messages. How to Turn Off iPhone X. Turn the feature off in the Phone section of the Settings app if you used the app to turn it on. If you instead used the 72 code, dial 73 * with no phone number afterward to turn off call forwarding. Jun 02,  · The forwarding would not be on your iPhone but on your GMail account. Using a browser, go into your Gmail settings and look at one of the top tabs .

You can still make phone calls out as usual with forwarding on, but return calls will not come back to your phone number even though that number remains on caller id. By the way, you will always know the iPhone is forwarding calls because of the small phone icon in the titlebar with an arrow pointing out of it.

how to turn off email forwarding on iphone



Home Support Apple Apple iPhone 6 Plus Features Turn Call Forwarding Off from the Device. Turn Call Forwarding Off from the Device. If you're not receiving calls, callers are not getting through (e.g., fast busy signal, invalid number announcement, etc.) or they are getting an unknown party, this info may help. Jun 30,  · The call forwarding feature on the iPhone is hands down the coolest one I’ve seen on a mobile. With other phones, I’ve setup fake contacts with the dialing code so that I could quickly dial the number to forward or unforward my phone. Forwarding your iPhone is different and definitely cool. The forwarding setting is [ ]. Mar 10,  · How to Turn Off Call Forwarding on iPhone. Switching off forwarding is even easier than turning it on, you simply toggle the switch and when call forwarding is off again the iPhone will receive phone calls as usual: Go back to Settings and choose “Phone” again; .

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